Top 10 Holdings %

Coupon RateMaturity%
Marathon Petroleum Corp.--4.1%
Devon Energy Corp--4.0%
BP Plc - Sponsored Adr--3.9%
Schlumberger Ltd.--3.8%
Ovintiv Inc.--3.7%
Continental Resources Inc.--3.5%
Baker Hughes Co--3.5%
Chesapeake Energy Corp.--3.5%
Sm Energy Co--3.4%
Marathon Oil Corp Com--3.3%

Top 5 Bond Holdings %
(as a percentage of bond holdings)

Coupon RateMaturity%
Callon Petroleum Co.6.125%10/01/202425.6%
Apache Corp.4.375%10/15/202825.1%
CNX Resources Corp.6.000%01/15/202924.5%
Schlumberger Holdings Corp3.900%05/17/202812.8%
Matador Resources Co5.875%09/15/202612.0%

Composition By Asset Class


The composition of the Portfolio is as of September 30, 2021 and is subject to change.

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