The purpose of Cavanal Hill Funds is not unlike the purpose of a mutual fund. We exist so that you have the potential to benefit from a collection of equities, bonds and other securities carefully chosen for maximum growth and income. And we exist only because of you, the investor. After all, mutual funds can only succeed if they are mutually beneficial.

We’re proud to say that our mutual funds—and our investors—have been successful. Our history of strong performance sets us apart and demonstrates our passion to see your hard-earned money work even harder. What further distinguishes our company is our commitment to building relationships with our clients, a philosophy that has contributed to our longevity as much as anything.

Your money—your future—is our priority. At Cavanal Hill Funds, rest assured that we never forget that. And we will apply every ounce of experience, modern technology and industry knowledge we have to make sure you never forget that.

Cavanal Hill Funds are advised by Cavanal Hill Investment Management. Cavanal Hill Investment Management is an SEC-registered investment advisor, and a subsidiary of BOK Financial Corporation.